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Dyslexia Questionnaire

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All answers to this questionnaire are confidential

Do you have diagnosed dyslexia?
If ‘no’ what disability/disabilities do you have?
Please specify if other or more than one
How does you disability manifest itself?
At what age were you diagnosed?
In what year were you diagnosed?
At what stage in your learning or work career were you diagnosed?
What type secondary school did you attend?
Please specify if other
How did you view your secondary school as a learning environment?
What support networks were in place to support your disability?
How did you view your secondary school as a social environment?
What was your favourite subject(s) at school? And why?
Where do you teach now?
Please specify if other
Which Key Stages do you teach
What is your position in school
What subject(s) do you teach?
What are your best three coping strategies do you have in place for you as a teacher?
What are your best three strategies for pupils with similar disabilities in a classroom environment? And why?

This questionnaire has been developed by Helen Champman to use as research for her PGCE assignment

Copyright Helen Chapman 2006